About Us

Life is better on the Farm

Simon started out as an amateur beekeeper whilst we were living in Adelaide with 2 hives and really enjoyed it, before he knew it we had 10 hives in our back yard producing honey.

We then decided we wanted to move back to the country, as we both grew up on dairy farms in the local Murraylands Region – we knew nothing beats growing up in the country and we wanted that lifestyle for our 2 young daughters also.  So we bought some land in Mypolonga and moved back “home”.

We have since built up to 180 hives and move them throughout South Australia to different sites depending on what’s flowering to keep our bees happy and healthy whilst producing golden delicious honey.

We have planted 500 fruit trees on our property from peaches to apricots to nectarines and more.  We will sell mainly fresh and also some dried fruit.

We love living off the land and have hens for eggs and also grow all our own meat to eat from sheep, pigs and meat birds.  We love knowing the animals have been well looked after and fed and you cannot beat home grown meat for the flavour it delivers.

We also own some farming land in Monteith where we have 30 beef cattle breeders and cropping land.  We love heading out the ‘back farm’ for camp fires and marshmallows and just to get back to the basics of life and love.

Merry Lil' Cows
wooly sheep
buzzing hives
Silly Piggies
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